Mizuno has been crafting quality sporting goods for over 100 years. Mizuno Running made waves in the running space 25 years ago with their unique and iconic Wave Rider, featuring a spring like TPU plate unlike any other running shoes at the time. Other Wave shoes followed to fit a variety of runner types and speeds to surf the streets in responsive and stable shoes.

It’s rare that a company that has existed for so long is so willing to disrupt the market with unique technology. The spirit of innovation and fine craftsmanship is alive today with Mizuno’s latest running shoes.

Top Shoes


Mizuno has balanced road running shoes to keep you going for miles

  • Wave Rider – The original Mizuno Wave shoes are in their 27th version. They bring balance to neutral runners looking for a smooth and responsive ride.
  • Wave Inspire – Overpronators can run for miles in these shoes with a supportive and responsive Mizuno Wave plate correcting pronation without slowing down
  • Wave Sky – Super cushioned with Wave cushion using different density foams layered in a Wave pattern without the firm plate.
  • Wave Horizon – Mizuno's max-comfort stability trainer.


Pacers has partnered with Mizuno to create apparel that harnesses the great runners and people in the DC area.

Mizuno's Story

Mizuno was founded in Osaka Japan by the brothers Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno and made all manner of sporting goods and gear. Legends in just about every sport imaginable have relied on Mizuno to set new standards in their sport. Joe Montana and Ricky Henderson set Greatest of All Time precedents in Mizuno shoes, but the Mizuno using sports legend most relevant to Pacers is Carl Lewis who’s legacy in track and field still resonates with fans and followers of the sport.

Man tying shoes under bridge


Meaning “create the best products for customers”, 'Eemon Tsukunnahareya' reflects Mizuno's commitment to agonizing over the perfection in their products—something Mizuno is well-known for. This can be the perfect stitching in the perfect locations or using the most advanced materials. They are simultaneously traditional creative as they strive to their mission: “Contributing to society through the
advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports.”