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Altra is a young but up-and-coming running company with a line-up spanning road running, trail running, and racing.

Altra was founded in 2009, immediately gaining fans for its development of running shoes offering a consistent combination of Altra's FootShape™ fit and a layout that is typically known as a "zero drop" design.

With immediate success, recent hits, and a strong brand, Altra hasn't been around long, but it's always keeping things exciting!

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Altra Road Running Shoes

Altra has road running shoes for any distance or pace.

Torin – Balanced cushioning in every way, everyday comfort with zero drop geometry in Altra’s do-it-all road running shoes.

Paradigm – Stability of zero drop geometry with extra stability of guard rails make the perfect every day shoes for overpronators.

VIA Olympus – Max cushion meets zero drop as a favorite from the ultra-trails hits the roads.

Rivera – The perfect running shoes for those looking for the Altra experience but need their shoes to fit tighter and to feel lighter and more dynamic.

AltraFWD Experience - Altra's first shoe with drop from heel-to-toe, this cushioned neutral running shoe is a great way to introduce yourself to the brand.

Woman running with Altra Vanish Tempo shoes

Altra Racing Shoes

Vanish Carbon – Super foam and carbon plate meets zero-drop in these race ready shoes.

Vanish Tempo – The rockered shape and super responsive foam are ready for your fast training days and racing needs.

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Altra Trail Running Shoes

Lone Peak – Lone Peak is Altra’s original trail shoe. A perfect blend of responsive cushioning, grip on any surface, and balanced cushion for a natural stride.

Olympus – Altra Olympus was the first shoe to combine maximum cushion with a natural stride and foot for going the distance.

Mont Blanc – Named for the most famous mountain in trail running, Mont Blanc are the shoes you want for your biggest adventures.

Altra's Story

Altra was born in a toaster oven.

Co-founder Golden Harper decided to take conventional running shoes and melt the glue holding them together in a toaster oven so he could reshape them before gluing them back together. He was astounded by the experience he created for himself when he put his refashioned shoes back on his feet. From there Golden and his high school running teammate Brian Beckstead modified more and more shoes until they decided that their design needed to turn into a brand, and Altra was born.

Man running up mountain
Man running up mountain wearing Altra Lone Peak 7 shoes

At Home in the Mountains

Altra’s benefits are often felt most by those on their feet the longest, so they have found many of their most passionate customers on the trails. Altra’s shoe names come from mountains, most in Altra’s original home of the Wasatch range in Utah. This tradition started with the Lone Peak, Altra’s first trail shoe continues to this day with their first shoe named for a mountain outside of the USA, Mont Blanc, which is the famous mountain in ultra-running thanks to the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc race.

Project 275

Named for the temperature (in Fahrenheit) that melts the glue holding shoes together, project 275 is continuing the bold innovation that put Altra on the map from the beginning. The latest shoes coming out of this project are the Vanish racing shoes and Mont Blanc trail shoes. The bold thinking behind those running shoes shows that Altra is determined to continue shaping the running industry for years to come.