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Summer 2023 Staff Picks

Gear Recs from the people that know best

staff favorites for summer 2023

We understand the importance of having the proper gear to stay comfortable during the warm and humid summer months. From the proper footwear, to moisture wicking apparel, to accessories that help aid in sun protection we've put together a list of our go to items that we aren't leaving for a run without.

to stay protected from the sun

zem's picks

"My 3 favorite things for summer are going to be my Goodr glasses, my Camelback water bottle, and my Pacers running hat. All 3 things help protect me from the sun and also keep me hydrated so that I can stay healthy."

For Feeling Lighter

Annie's Picks

"My favorite thing about running in the summer in the DMV, I don't like the heat I'll be honest, but I do like just generally feeling a lot lighter.

One of my go-to shoes for the summer has been the Brooks Hyperion Max, along the lines of going lighter for the summer, it's a really light weight shoe and the foam is really responsive. It's really bouncy and holds up over a long amount of miles."

For Staying Hydrated

Steve's Picks

“The Nathan Quickstart 2.0 Hydration Pack. It doesn’t feel heavy and it’s a snug fit. Obviously I fill it up with water so I can stay hydrated, but I like to add a Nathan Exoshot 2 which fits perfectly in the pocket on the shoulder strap. I can put either liquid nutrition or some extra electrolytes in there. … There’s an awesome pocket, easy to access where I can toss a gel or two. When I’m done running, if I want to get coffee with friends, I have extra space where I can toss a pullover so I’m not sitting in my sweaty t-shirt."

for looking cool & staying cool

Tim's Picks

“My go-to products for the summer include Goodr sunglasses for the variety of different colors and shapes, Ciele hats to protect from the sun with UV protection, and water bottles because you can never trust the DC water fountains to be on, and then remember to have your sunscreen with you."

For pacers designed gear

Sam's Picks

"In the summer, I like to wear lighter colored clothing, so I really enjoy the white 2:02 shirt. It’s really breathable and wicks sweat really really well. And, it doesn’t attract sunlight.

I also always run with a hat during the summer and my current favorite one is the new Pacers 2:02 Performance hat. I think it looks really sharp and it's nice and breathable."

For When pockets are key

Nichole's Picks

“During the summer, I tend to strip down layers, so I only wear shorts and a sports bra. I love that [the Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Bra] is lighter and the material is very soft. I also love all the pockets. For women, we usually don’t get the best pocket choices… You’ll be able to fit your house keys, your Gu’s, and your credit cards.”