Women's Brooks Hyperion Elite


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Don't blink, because Brooks has never made a faster shoe.  At the forefront (well, underneath) is Brooks's new DNA ZERO midsole, their lightest foam to date, that adapts to your stride for consistent cushion over the distance.  Coupled with this incredibly light foam is the carbon fiber propulsion plate to help quicken transition to toe-off, the combination helping to save you energy.  Built to go faster for longer, the Hyperion Elite is specifically engineered to get you to the finish line the fastest, period.

Specifically designed for the demands of racing, the Hyperion Elite will last 50-100 miles.

Unisex sizing: The Hyperion is listed in Men's sizing.  For Women's equivalent sizing, add 1.5 to size (i.e. Men's 7.5 = Women's 9, Men's 9 = Women's 10.5)

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