Pacers Social Runs  

Pacers Social Runs are for everyone and #foreveryrun, whether you are seasoned marathon runner, or are a new runner building up to a 5k. We have a diverse group of leaders from different running backgrounds. Each run offers a social experience where community comes first!  

14th Street Social Run

Monday, 6:30 PM

Our largest social run, Pacers 14th Street offers a 3, 5, and 7 mile run, in addition to a two mile walk each week. These runs are truly no one left behind, and there is always a leader at the back of the pack for each group. Runners head to Churchkey for drinks after the run!

2 Mile Walk / 3 MileRun Leaders

Andrea, Eva, Katz

5 mile Leaders

Dan, Steve, Elyse

7 Mile Leader


Navy Yard

Tuesday, 6:30 PM

Meet at the Pacers Patio at the Navy Yard store for a 3 or 5 mile run. Run along the River Front Trail, or on one of our Capital Routes. Runners socialize at BlueJacket after the run!


Karthik, Matt, Elyse

Track - The District

Thursday, 6:30 PM

If you can only make one run a week, this is the run to attend! You will work on improving your speed and endurance, in pace specific groups. This is a great workout for those who compete in the 5k to those who are trying to build up to run a mile. We offer Track 101 every week for anyone who is new to track workouts.

Track 101 Leaders

Eva, Andrea

Track Leaders

Karthik, Elyse, Dan, Matt, Steve, Katz

Special Events!

Join us for special events and runs through out the year. Details coming soon.




Runs Coming Soon

Join us once a month for special event destination runs from our Georgetown store!


Dan, Elyse

Track - NOVA

Meet at the corner of Washington Blvd and N Quincy St

Tuesday, 6:30 PM

Join us on Tuesday nights for Virginia TRACK! This workout is appropriate for the very speedy to the brand new runner and involves intervals of various distances. Meet at the corner of Washington Blvd and N Quincy St (near the Washington Liberty High School sign) at 7:15pm. If you would like an easy warm-up jog before the workout, meet outside of Pacers Clarendon at 6:50pm.


Christina, Nicole


Thursday, 6:30 PM

Meet at Pacers Fairfax for a social run suitable to all paces. Various routes are offered around the Fairfax store.


Erica, Sean, Lissette


Thursday, 6:30 PM

Join us in the heart of Old Town for a 3 or 5 mile run. Various paces and routes offered. This run is truly no one left behind. Join us for socializing after the run.


Peter, Sonia


Thursday, 6:30 PM

Clarendon offers the most amount of themed runs out of all of the Pacers social runs. Join us every week for a 3-4 mile run. Various paces and routes offered.


Christina, Nicole

Pacers Long Run

Saturday, 8:00 AM

Training for longer race or just want to improve your endurance? Join us on Saturday mornings for our long runs. Various distances offered between 8 and 20 miles. There is a different route and meet-up spot offered each week.



Trail Run


Join us once a month for a Trail Run from Virginia or DC. These runs are equally great for the novice trail runner to the advanced. A great way to explore new trails with the company of a group!


Erica, Jess, Tim