Sound Running

The Sound Running mission is to Improve the sport we love and Inspire runners everywhere. This means giving back to the community through our events, building apparel for athletes, and helping ALL runners achieve their goals with smarter training. The Sound Running team combines for over 30 years experience helping athletes become Olympians, win U.S. Titles, World Medals, and set World Records. We are also still learning every day from YOU, and will continue to evolve and provide opportunities for runners.

When we started Sound Running, we had a simple mission of creating a brand that was built to improve the sport and centered on inspiring the athlete. So, when we sat down to create apparel, we were determined to keep that mission at our core. We would only create products that added to the sport and were centered on the athlete. We didn’t say on athletes, we said ‘the athlete’. We believe each athlete as an individual deserved our full attention and the best new run experience we could offer.

The creation of the new required doing away with the old and the first choice we made was to do away with the preconceived notions of fit and gender. We didn’t want to make men’s apparel then shrink and pink it, we didn’t want to make women’s apparel focused on unrealistic body images, we wanted to make apparel that was inclusive and felt like it was built for you.

So that was what we did. Introducing Athlete Sizing from Sound Running apparel based on the shape of the body in motion and at rest to create pieces that look and feel great. This new inclusive approach to comfort and shape goes beyond men’s and women’s to build product that fits the needs and shape of the individual athlete creating apparel for the sport. The only right size is the one that fits you and feels great on before, during or after your first run, first 5k, or first sip of coffee in the morning.